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Assessment of Third Parties

Set up a smooth process for evaluating your third parties

Efficiently manage your potential and current service providers’ compliance with your security requirements!

Why assess your suppliers with Phinasoft?

Bringing third parties into line with the organization’s security requirements can be laborious, for both customer and subcontractor. With Phinasoft, give your subcontractors access to a dedicated assessment portal, gain visibility over their level of maturity, and more easily draw up your Security Assurance Plans.

Use cases

Create service provider assessment questionnaires

Submit questionnaires to your current or potential service providers to assess their compliance with your requirements

Gather responses and see the associated indicators

Export the requirements to be integrated into your PAS

Take a global view of your process for integrating safety into contracts and monitoring the safety of your service providers

Create your own service provider assessment questionnaires

Draw up a list of requirements to be met by your service providers

Indicate additional questions for each requirement

Generate a standard evaluation to assess the compliance of your current and potential service providers

Submit your questionnaires on a dedicated platform

Make final adjustments to your questionnaires before sending, to take account of any specific features of the case studied.

Send your contacts on the service provider side access to a dedicated portal, separated from the rest of the platform, so that they can fill in the evaluation elements.

Monitor progress and analyze responses as they come in on your platform

Give feedback to your service providers third parties

Inform your potential or current service providers of your feedback on their responses: non-conformities accepted or not, requests for additional information, etc.
And make decisions based on the information gathered and the indicators generated.

Manage your global third party assessment process

Build profiles for each of your service providers

Find out more about the evaluations carried out for each provider

Track key global valuation indicators

Their progress, the level of compliance of service providers, actions, ...

Integrate your existing systems

We can integrate your various existing contextual elements for you: service provider questionnaires, assessments already carried out, key indicators, etc.

Empower your evaluation stakeholders

Invite recipients to collaborate on your evaluations and let them take the lead. You no longer have to intervene to explain every detail and follow up. Everyone saves time!

Set up roles and workflows

  • Fine-tuned rights management by evaluation or even by evaluation section
  • Validation roles
  • Follow-up and reminder notifications

Track your action plans

Benefit from a global view of all possible action plans resulting from supplier questionnaires

Allow each manager to monitor and modify their own actions over time

Receive and send reminder and follow-up notifications

Build accurate reports

Generate summaries and reports according to selected criteria

Build customized dashboards to suit your needs

Integrate reports into your Safety Assurance Plans

Manage your repositories and knowledge base

Benefit from our integrated knowledge bases

Add your own databases of requirements, measures, risks, threats, data types, etc.

Evolve your knowledge bases over time according to your needs

Review and trace the history of your assessments

Easily retrieve all reviews for the same provider.
Start from a previous assessment rather than from scratch when reviewing a provider’s assessment.
Modify the level of compliance over time as you implement your action plans.

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