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Risk Analysis and
Security by Design

Don't let any project slip through the cracks of Security by Design!

Simplify the conduct and management of all your risk analyses and methodologies.

Why conduct risk analyses?

Risk analysis is the starting point for good security governance. It enables you to align your Security projects with your organization’s objectives. It can be carried out at different levels: across an entire organization, across business lines, across projects, etc. With Phinasoft, it’s much easier to implement and manage this essential process! The time and efficiency gained are invaluable for any CISO.

Use cases

Carry out risk analyses using standard methods such as Ebios RM or customized methodologies

Carry out an annual assessment of your organization’s compliance with a specific section of the ISSP.

Ensure that safety is integrated into projects, using appropriate risk analysis methodologies to provide support at every stage, from scoping to production rollout.

Track and monitor the implementation of action plans resulting from risk analyses: visualize progress, status, comments, notifications, etc.

Export summary reports of your risk analyses to share with your contacts

Manage project risk analysis and safety activities with a dashboard and key indicators

Choose from our methodologies or build your own

Carry out your risk analyses and compliance assessments from our own catalog of methodologies, which includes recognized standards (Ebios RM, ISO27002, ANSSI Hygiene Guide…) as well as our own Phinasoft questionnaires designed for different types of need.

If you already use your own methodologies and questionnaires for your risk analysis and/or project security approach, we integrate them into the tool, so that you can find your reference points.

Integrate your existing elements

We can integrate your existing contextual elements: methodologies, compliance questionnaires, scales, data typologies, risk bases, measures, etc.

We can also integrate your risk analyses history.

Empower your evaluation stakeholders

Invite users to collaborate on your reviews and let them take the lead. You no longer have to intervene to explain every detail and reiterate. Everyone saves time!

Set up roles and workflows

  • Fine-tuned rights management by evaluation or even by evaluation section
  • Validation roles
  • Follow-up and reminder notifications

Track your action plans

Get a global view of all your action plans

Allow each manager to monitor and modify their own actions over time

Receive and send reminders and follow-up notifications

Build accurate reports

Generate summaries and reports according to selected criteria

Build up customized dashboards to suit your needs

Ensure that your reports and indicators are anchored in your business

Manage your security requirements and knowledge bases

Benefit from our integrated knowledge bases

Add your own databases of measures, risks, threats, data types, etc.

Adapt your knowledge bases over time according to your needs

Review and trace the history of your assessments

Find easily all the risk analyses and/or conformity assessments carried out on the same scope. Start from a previous assessment rather than from scratch when reviewing the assessment of a perimeter. Modify your risk levels over time as you implement your action plans.

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