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Our story

Phinasoft is born directly from the experience of the field and from one observation: there is still a strong dependency on Excel in Cybersecurity Governance. It goes with an important waste of time and efficiency and makes it difficult to get other departements involved.

Would we imagine a Sales Team without its CRM? Or an accounting team without its ERP? The same is valid for Cybersecurity teams that have not found yet their ideal Risk Management Tool.

We finally provide you with a solution that will allow you to focus on what matters: the security of your organization.

The team

Guillaume teaches Cybersecurity at HEC Paris and has been a Cybersecurity Consultant for 6 years. Has graduated from HEC Paris.

Adrien has been a full-stack programmer for 5 years, managing IT and UX teams. He has graduated from EPITECH.

Chai has been a seasoned full-stack programmer for 5 years in both startups and large corporations.

Amandine is in charge of Design and User Experience. She’s preparing a Master Degree at ESD.


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