The Platform for Analyzing and Managing your Cybersecurity Risks

We equip our clients for a too often overlooked cyber warfare:

The one against spreadsheets! We want to make it as easy as possible for you to analyze your cyber risks.

Our Mission

Allow organizations to implement an efficient Cyber-Governance and Risk Management structure that includes every actor from top to bottom. 

Phinasoft Platform Modules

Risk analysis and
Project safety

Simplify the management and control of all your risk analyses and methodologies. Don’t let any project slip through the cracks of Security by Design!

Policy and
repository editor

Integrate into the platform your PSSI and any other set of requirements you wish to use, as well as repositories for your assessments. Build and evolve all the fundamental contextual elements for your assessments!


Manage compliance campaigns based on lists of requirements for the perimeters of your choice. Give yourself the means to ensure your organization’s compliance with the PSSI!

Assessment of Third Parties

Set up a smooth process for evaluating your third parties. Efficiently manage the compliance of your current and potential service providers with your safety requirements!

RGPD Compliance

Carry out your RGPD compliance assessments and PIAs (AIPDs) and generate an automatic processing register. Simplify your RGPD compliance and that of your projects!

Manage your risks and action plans

Stop losing your organization’s memory in a flood of excel sheets :

Centralize your assessments

Automate reports and indicators generation

Follow-up your risks and action plans

Keep a record of all your assessments on a given perimeter

Involve both your Organization’s Leadership and various Departments

Involve both your Organization’s Leadership and various Departments

When conducting Risk Analyses, the involvement of the responders is made easier through our collaborative and well-designed software. 

On the other side, reports and indicators allow you to communicate more easily with the Leadership and non-IT Departments. 

A Software and a Service that fit your needs (and not the opposite)

Our platform is designed to be very precisely customized and can highly adapt to your needs: integration of your own methdology and ISSP, customized indicators and features 

They trust us

Our customers trust us thanks to the professionalism of our team and the quality of our solution.

"The modularity, collaborative nature and simplicity of the platform are major assets [...].
The risk analyses now take on their full weight thanks to the integration of a validation process [...].
The project managers appreciate the platform's ergonomics. In particular, it accelerates the easy implementation of documentation.
It gives us a global vision of all projects and makes it easier to monitor action plans.
RSSI – ISS France

They support us

BPI France is a partner of Phinasoft and supports its contribution to innovation in the world of cybersecurity.



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