Risk Analysis and
Security by Design

Your solution to assess and manage your Cyber-Risks

Choose among a methodology in our catalog
or build your own one

Choose among a methodology in our catalog or build your own one

Conduct your Risk Analyses and Compliance Assessments using our own catalog of methodology and standards.  


If you already have your own methodologies and questionnaires, we implement them in our plateform so you don’t have to change your habits. 


You can also implement your own compliance questionnaire based on your Information Security Policy.  

Add to the platform what you’ve already done

We add for you your Risk Assessments record and all your contextual and methodological framework (risk scales, data classification, etc.) 

Make your responders autonomous in answering your assessment forms

Invite your users to collaborate on your Risk Assessments and let them fill the forms. We guide them with accessible explanation: you don’t have to intervene on every detail any more and everybody saves some precious time! 

Implement different user profiles and workflows

Give your users access only to what they need 

Include some Risk Acceptance and Validation Profiles 

Send automatic reminder 

Follow-up your action plans

Get a global vision on all your action plans ! Allow every action implementor to follow their own consolidated action plan and get and send notifications.

Build precise reports

Generate syntheses and reports according to chosen creteria  

Build customized dashboards 

Get indicators that are anchored in your organization needs and challenges 

Manage your Frameworks and Knowledge Bases

Benefit from integrated knowlede bases on risks, threats, measures, etc. 

Add your own frameworks and knowledge bases 

Adapt those knowledge bases according to your needs over time 

Conduct assessment reviews and keep track of their records

Find easily all the assessment conducted on a given perimeter 

Make a review directy from the latest version of an assessment instead of starting it all over again 

Change your risk levels over time along with the implementation of your action plans 


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